Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Projectcarpalooza 88 CRX – How many engines has your car had?

With 9 project cars to cover I've decided a little content management was in order. So I am starting a new blog for each individual car. That way I can keep like posts organized. New entries will still appear here and redirect to the associated car's blog. Separating project car posts by individual car should allow me to make threaded entries that are easier to follow. So, without further ado...

Of all the cars Hasport has built over the years my favorite is the Yellow 1988 Honda CRX. And it's not just my favorite it seems, I get more questions about this car than all our other projects combined. Hasport originally bought the car and I used it as a daily driver. It replaced the 1990 CRX I was driving, whch got an H22 transplant and turned into a drag car. (read more)

Hasport's 88 CRX, before the K-swap

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