Tuesday, February 8, 2011

V6 Power Stealth Mode Engaged

The mount kit we use in the V6 powered EK is the EKJ2 mounts. They have dual mounting heights. Originally when I installed the engine, a J32A Type S motor, it was at the lower position. It was fun driving it around town in Phoenix, the car was quick but looked like almost any other EK hatch with too many stickers. I got to surprise a lot of BMWs, Mustangs and big ass 4X4 trucks with it. I think the only clue they had that something was up was the sound of the exhaust as I pulled away. That car did not sound like a typical four cylinder Honda. It had a deep almost angry sound to it, very cool.

In July, when we took the car in the Super Street Honda FF Battle we flipped the mounts and reinstalled the engine at the higher mount position. We raised it up to keep from dragging the oil pan on the gator bumps and curbing at Auto Club Speedway.  A also had to cut a hole in the hood for manifold clearance. No more stealth mode. It was kind of cool to drive it around like that. It reminded me of driving in my friends 55 Chevy back in the day with the dual quad carbs on an Edelbrock "high-rise" manifold sticking out of the hood.

Recently I was updating the front end of the Civic to use with the ExoSpeed wide front end. It's designed for the 99-00 Civic headlamps and hood.  While I was changing parts I bolted on a TL Base Model intake manifold onto the J32A. I wanted to be able to close the hood again and the TL Base model manifold is shorter.

Here's a picture of the two manifolds; the TL Base model manifold is on top and and it's about 1.4 inches shorter than the TL Type S manifold shown on bottom.

Here is a picture of the TL Type S manifold on the engine in the car.

For reference the same shot with the TL Base manifold bolted on the engine. The difference is significant.

I mounted the new hood and the hood wouldn't quite close so I trimmed some of the hood skeleton.

After trimming the hood I slapped it back on the car and the hood closed with room to spare. If I get a hold of some of the other manifolds I will check these for clearance as well.

I need to get back to the dyno and see if this causes a bog lose of horsepower, but for now, stealth mode has been re-engaged.


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