Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011 The New Year is upon us.

And by "us" I mean "me." As is my custom, this year I am biting off more than I can chew. This is my way of getting things done. It seems, sometime during high school, I decided I did my best work under pressure; so I'm piling it on. If I get half of it done, it will be a pretty effing phenomenal year.

The Project cars  Nine project cars is too much, so I decided to add a tenth project car. An H2 road racer, so I can start racing again. (Example of piling more on in two ways; that's efficient!) Honda is paying some big bucks to entice grass roots involvement of amateur racers, so why not. I am an amateur when it comes to racing. The car will be a 90 CRX with a B20. The B20 and CRX combo should be very competitive, whether or not I am, is another story. I'll post more on the project when I get started.

Blogging  In addition to this blog, I am launching a website to house all the information on the project cars. It will be updated regularly as the project cars are worked on. We won't just cover the nuts and bolts of the modifications but also the thought process behind the modifications. I'm still in the early stages of development of the site, but should have it up soon.

Video  I have a project I have been working on with two very talented people that I think is very exciting. (Did that sentence sound like a marketing guy or what?) It will be a web-based video show on Honda performance. It's called Nacho Speed Garage and it's coming soon. We've started a Facebook Fan Page and have started trickling out a few pictures, with video to come soon.

Podcasts  A few weeks ago, Will Cannady of Will's Car Cast interviewed me for one of his episodes. It got me to pull the trigger on my own podcast and I started recording some practice podcasts with Rodrez from Honda Tuning. The podcast will be about Honda's (what else) and what's happening in the Honda scene around the world. It will soon be up and I will be sure to post some links for anyone interested in listening. By the way, if you're interested in hearing Will's podcast follow the link above, he has some really interesting guests.

New products from Hasport  With addition of some new equipment at Hasport, waterjet and CNC press break, the product development pace should pick up this year. In fact in the next week of so, stock replacement mounts for the 06 up Civic Si will be available. Yay! But not just new mount kits are going to be released. The big push this year will be on peripheral products to make engine swaps easier and less expensive. Less expensive is good, huh? And if you have a suggestion for a Hasport product, drop me a line, I'd love to hear your ideas. I really need more things to do.


  1. Im definitely going to be following this blog. thanks for the link.

  2. Awesome Brian! I wish I was there in the garage with you on those projects. I really enjoyed working with you. :)
    Hope it's a great year for you and Hasport.