Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finally, some progress

The last two days here at Hasport were calm enough that some work got done on project cars. I was feeling pretty bad that I put up a post on the projects and then nothing. But business has been good and we've been busy at Hasport, so projects have been pushed to the back burner. Back when there were only a few employees at Hasport I used to joke, "If it weren't for all these customers, I could get some work done." We've got more employees now, but more work too, thank heaven. Seriously, if weren't for the customers spending their money, we couldn't afford to do the fun things we do. Kind of a "Catch 22."

One of the long overdue projects is the getting more HP out of the 2000 Honda Insight. For those not familiar, the Insight and I are the record holder for the G/GT class at the Bonneville Salt Flats. In 2009 we broke a 22 year old record set by a 400 HP Lincoln LN7, and did it with just over 200 HP from a stock K20Z3 engine. The old record was 157.805 MPH and we eked out 157.869 MPH. This year I'd like to bump that up another 10 MPH. To start with, we were able to add about 16 HP with Skunk2 cans, but it seemed to be petering at the top end. That's where we need power too. So we're adding this –

This is the Skunk2 manifold for the 06 Civic and the 74mm K20A throttle body. You're not supposed to use this t-body with this manifold but hey, we had an 06 Civic engine and intake, but a cable operated Accord Euro R throttle body. Since the Skunk2 manifold is designed to use the drive-by-wire throttle body and we can't use that, we had to modify it to use the big 74mm K-series throttle body.

Check it out, this should open up the breathing on the top end and give us a little more hp. Next, I'll haul it over the Tim Kelly at Xact Dyno for some testing. When done, dyno charts to follow. By the way, I'd like to give a big shout out to Tim for helping with the record run in 2009. I might not have been able to do it without his help.

-brian at hasport

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