Monday, November 29, 2010

Too Much Good Stuff (part 2)

To read part 1 of "Too much Good Stuff" scroll down to the previous post. Part one covers the first 4 of 9 project cars

As I was saying before I happily let Thanksgiving take over the week, I'm faced with 9 project cars at the moment. Each has a different performance goal. I'm looking to you for input to help decide which cars get moved to the front of the stove and which cars to the back burners.

One reason Hasport uses project cars is to test and develop new products. This is how we make sure we have the best parts. An equally import reason for projects is for education. Got a problem with a swap? Call us, we've probably seen it before and can help.

Anyway, here are the other 5 project cars.

1993 Civic Hatchback
Power - K20A3 and TSX 6 Speed Trans
Status - No engine, sitting since 2006
Purpose - See if we can outdo Top Gear USA's Project Sipster, they used a brick-like 81 Rabbit and got over 70 MPG and were able to do 0-60 in under 7 seconds. We should be able to beat that and look good too.

1988 CR-X Track Attack
Power: Supercharged K24A1 and RSX Type S transmission
Status: Still running strong
Purpose: Limited Class Time Attack Car

1986 CR-X NASA Time Trial Car
Power: B16A
Status: Ex SCCA GT-Light 
Purpose: Put some old hardware to a good use.

1994 Honda Prelude
Power: Turbocharged K24A2 with JDM Integra Type R transmission
Status: Under construction
Purpose: Take the Super Lap Battle F Unlimited record.

86 Civic Hatchback
Power: Multiple - D-series, B-series, ZC
Status: Under construction
Purpose: A tribute to Honda's performance roots

There they all are, 9 project cars that will be worked on over the next year. Some you may see one at Eibach, or at Redline Time Attack, or Super Lap Battle, and maybe we might be able to go out east this coming year. Let me know if you have a favorite and want more info or questions because you have a similar project. The reason we screw around with these cars is so you don't have to. 

Stop by if you're in the neighborhood. 


  1. ill be keeping my eye on a few of those projects. especially the crx projects. i wonder if you can put a dollar figure on the builds? kind of similar to what project car magazine does.

  2. Finish the Prelude!! We've all seen plenty of civics going around tracks already.

  3. The Prelude is getting finished and should be on track soon. Hopefully it will be back in Arizona for some fabrication and I will update all the other things that have been done.