Sunday, November 21, 2010

Too much good stuff (part 1)

Remember the AM/PM commercial from a few years ago? A guy comes in to AM/PM looking for a snack and is paralyzed by the overwhelming number of choices. That's how I feel each morning when I walk in to work. Right now I have 9 project cars staring at me. I know what you're thinking, "are you complaining or bragging?" Actually I'm looking for some guidance. Time is at a premium and I need to prioritize. I want to know, If it was your decision, what would you build? 

Each one has a different performance goal. Are one of these projects something you've thought of doing? Let me know what you think in the comments, here is a quick rundown of 4 of the project cars.

2001 Civic Sedan 
Power - K24A3 and RSX base model trans 
Status - Using to comute to work, 22 miles each way.
Purpose - Economical daily commuter vehicle, but still kick the ass of an RSX or EP3.

96 Civic Hatch
Power - J32A2
Status - Just returned from Super Street FF Battle 3rd place finish.
Purpose - To prove you don't have to give up handling with a V6 swap.

00 Honda Insight
Power - K20Z3
Status - Current land speed record holder for G/GT (2.0L/Production Bodied 2 Seater) 157.869MPH.
Purpose - First 200 mph stock bodied car powered by a 2.0 liter motor.

94 Civic 
Power - J35A9 (Ridgeline engine)
Status - No engine, gathering dust
Purpose - Turbo V6 Drag Racer

Well let me know which of these projects interest you. I will return with a description of the other 5 projects in a later post.


  1. I'd like to see more of the J-swapped Civics and especially the '86 CRX and '87 Civic, but only if it's going to have the Mugen ZC in it. The Street Attack CRX and Prelude are cool, too. The Insight and Project Sipster II are my least favorites. The others fall somewhere in between. But definitely the '87 Si; if I had the time and money, that'd likely be what I'd go for next.

  2. im also interested in the jswaps builds too. im also interested in the k20 blown motors. i rock a fit so thats the most likely option for me. i cant wait to see the jseries with the itbs.