Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Recently I was redesigning one of our mount kits and it got me to thinking. Over the years Hasport has made numerous changes to the mount kits. Some changes were brought on by warranties, some where aesthetic, and some reduced manufacturing costs. The mount kit that probably went through the most changes is the second mount kit I designed, the B-series mounts for the 88-91 Civic and CRX chassis. 

After some digging in our warranty bin, I came up with an example of each one of the iterations for the right-hand mount. Here they are.

As you can see, they've always been aluminum, but over the years as engines made more and more horsepower, the the mounts got beefier. win spite of more powerful engines, there are still some of the original mount kits installed in people's cars. Every now and again some one sends in a old set to have the urethane replaced. 

Here is an example of our original mount kit. This particular kit is 10 years old, but it's been 11 years since we introduced that design. My how time flies when your having fun. 

Here's what the kit looks like NOW.

Thanks for your support all these years.

brian g


  1. I don't think most people realize how difficult and time-consuming B-series swaps were before companies like Hasport began developing mounts. We'd spend the better part of a day cutting and fabricating and still end up with stock mounts when we were finished...just relocated. What was Hasport's first mount kit? I thought this was it.

  2. It was actually the 84-87 Civic B-series kit. I prototyped it in two days and we made 10 sets. We sold one kit that year.

    I started making the B-series kit for the 88-91 Civic after having to wait multiple months multiple times after ordering from Place Racing. On top of that I didn't like the design of the urethane and thought the engine wasn't in the ideal position. The reasons for doing our own mounts just kept piling up, so we made some.

  3. How much does it cost to have the urethane replaced? I have a set of second gen ED chassis mounts, still perfectly functional, but the driver side mount's urethane is starting to push out like they all did - more of a cosmetic revamp than anything.

  4. Hasport mounts, including the urethane have a lifetime warranty. You can send in the mount or mounts for a free replacement of the urethane. If it is more convenient, the urethane can be purchased for $5 a set directly from Hasport and you can replace it yourself.