Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sometimes You've Got to be Flexible

Several weeks ago, Super Street decided that there were going to be no forced induction cars at this years Honda FF Battle. I had planned on bringing our 1988 CRX with the supercharged K24, perhaps you've seen it?

It's been in a few events before, American Touge, Super Lap Battle, Ultimate Street Car Challenge, Redline Time Attack, Modified Tuner Shootout and probably some stuff I'm forgetting. It's been a good car and a crowd favorite. For FF Battle I had planned to debut some new products, an intercooler kit for JR Super Chargers and cog belt drive.

FF Battle is comprised of three events, dyno, drag and time attack. Horsepower is obviously a big plus on the first two events, and because the time attack is at Cal Speedway, it's a big plus there too. The section of the track that is run on the oval can be treated like a big giant straight, and a car with serious boost can get a huge lead on the NA (naturally aspirated) cars in that section. In fact an insurmountable lead if he is a decent driver on the rest of the course. That's kind of a problem. If you wanted to win this event the obvious solution is to make a car with more HP than anyone else and that kind ruins it.

We've settled on a new engine and are getting to work on installing it. This will be a fun event and if you're in Southern California on July 30th, please come by Cal Speedway and check out the event. There will also be a car show along with the FF Battle so there will be lots to see.

Stay tuned, more blog posts coming about the install of the new engine in the 88 CRX.

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